Locked Car Assistance

Another of the services provided by ACPD is Locked Car Assistance. When you have discovered that you have locked your keys in your vehicle, call 371-5163 and request assistance. Please tell us the make and model of your vehicle, the color and license plate, and how long you will be at your vehicle. The response time will depend upon what ACPD is doing at the time of your request. Every effort will be made to provide a speedy response.

This service is available only to students and employees, and you must display a current Amarillo College ID.

Please stay with your vehicle, in a safe location. You will be required to sign a liability disclaimer before services are rendered. ACPD officers are not considered mechanics or experts in this field – we will attempt to unlock your vehicle, but there is no guarantee we will be successful. If you take issue with signing the disclaimer, please call an off-campus vendor.