Room Scheduling


  • Agency Outside of Amarillo: If you are from an agency outside of Amarillo College, please contact Karen Brodgon at (806) 371-2907 for rental procedures.
  • Class Definition: A class is any course that has a Colleague identification number or synonym and is academic, continuing education or professional development.
  • Requestion Equipment or Unique Room Set Up: All requests for a specific setup for events must be reviewed by the Physical Plant before the event. With questions, please contact the Physical Plant at (806)345-5560.

Requesting equipment or a unique room set up:

The Use of College Property form (UCP) is to be used if you need technical equipment and a particular layout.  All UCP forms are to be submitted directly to the Business Office for approval and processing.  The Business Office will distribute copies of the UCP form to all areas requiring information listed on the UCP such as Physical Plant, Equipment Services and Registrar’s Office.  UCP forms must reach the Physical Plant at least ten days before the event date.  Click here for more information.


Please contact Equipment Services at (806)371-5410 at least 10 days in advance to reserve audio/visual equipment.

  • Room Approval Process: Anytime a class or special event is to be created, the room assignment must be approved by a room scheduler in the Registrar’s Office. 
  • Special Event Definition: A “special event” is anything that is not set up with a synonym such as parties, meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, or study sessions.

Majority of Amarillo Course Scheduling: Keith Gamblin of Registrar’s Office (806)371-5330.
Washington St. Campus, West Campus & East Campus
To request or schedule a room click here.


Business & Industry Center Scheduling: Karen Brodgon - (806)371-2907


College Union Building Scheduling: Jenna Welch - (806)371-5259
(Requires UCP Form. To request CUB use please click here.)


Concert Theatre/Common Lobby Scheduling: Monty Downs - (806)371-5358


Experimental Theatre Scheduling:  Monty Downs - (806)371-5358


Hereford Campus Academic Scheduling: Daniel M. Esquivel - (806)379-2700


Moore County Campus Scheduling: Janet Casado - (806)379-2731
or Danielle Arias - (806)934-7227


Nixon Gym Scheduling: Karen Brodgon - (806)371-2907


Ordway Auditorium Schduling: Monty Downs - (806)371-5358



To schedule a space for a special event:

Please have this information ready when filling out this form.

  • Title of event
  • Type of event: meeting, rehearsal, training, seminar…
  • Department holding the event
  • Requestor/contact person name and phone number
  • Start/End times
  • Set up or takedown time (if needed)
  • Date(s) of event
  • Room: If you have a preferable room or building, please indicate. If this is not available, you will be contacted.

Please use our Special Event request form!

If you are from a company outside of Amarillo College, please contact Karen Brogdon at (806) 371-2907 for rental procedures.