Transfer Credit FAQ

Yes. Amarillo College requires a copy of transcripts from all higher-level institutions. Amarillo College will evaluate a student's Texas Success Initiative (TSI) status based on unofficial or official transcripts. However, students will not be considered for transfer coursework credit until official transcripts have been received. In addition, a student will not be able to have their AC transcripts released to an outside entity until official transcripts have been received.

  1. A student contacts their previous college(s) to request they send Amarillo College an OFFICIAL transcript (no copies, faxes or emails accepted) or bring an official transcript to the Registrar's Office. If a college transcript is mailed to Amarillo College, it must be unopened and in the original envelope that was sealed by the sending institution to be counted as official.
  2. The transcript is logged in as received.
  3. If a student has any test scores, (ACT, SAT, TSI, etc.), those scores will be entered.
  4. The transcript then goes into a queue for scanning and is then sent to the transfer credit evaluators. The transfer evaluators will compare course content, hours taken, and learning outcomes to determine course equivalencies. At times, department chairs/ coordinators are also consulted.
  5. Once evaluated, a student will receive an email letting them know their credits are evaluated and where to go to view the credit.

Once courses from other institutions have been evaluated and are transferred into Amarillo College under a current degree program, there is a section on a students Amarillo College transcript entitled, "Transfer Info."  In this section, you will find the total number of qualifying transfer credits and the name of the University associated with the credits.

If a student's overall cumulative GPA at their previous accredited institution was equal to or greater than a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, then any grade of "D" will transfer. However, please note that some programs require a "C" or higher in their courses in order for a student to fulfill degree requirements.

Please select your transfer institution type from the Transfer Institution FAQ page.


Course description information can be found in the catalog: In instances where catalog information cannot be located, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance:

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