Transfer Credit FAQs

1)  How do I know if my classes from my previous college will transfer?

  • Texas public institutions have a common numbering system and courses that are assigned to the core curriculum. Courses assigned as core by another institution will always transfer as core  courses to Amarillo College [a] and courses that are 1000 or 2000-level at another Texas public institution with generally transfer to Amarillo College [b]. 
         [a] Some programs may require certain courses in a core area as a major requirement.
         [b] If AC does not offer an equivalent course, the course may not transfer. However, in some instances, university upper-level courses may also
              be deemed equivalent to lower-level courses.
  • Private institutions and out-of-state institutions are considered for transfer through the evaluation of the course descriptions, syllabi, and occasionally the general education requirements at the previous institution. In some instances, department chairs/coordinators are also consulted for their expertise on what courses should transfer. 
  • Non-accredited institutions are noted as such when they are not regionally accredited. These students will not automatically have their coursework evaluated for transfer, but these students can pursue credit via departmental exam, receiving credit for licensure (if applicable), or through any other alternative credit model available at AC.
  • Scenarios where coursework may not be evalauted: Upper-level coursework, courses for a specific major, continuing education courses, or courses for which there are no AC equivalents will not transfer to AC. Also, if the college or university is/was on the quarter system courses may not transfer due to a lack of semester credit hours (once converted); likewise, students who took fewer credit hours than needed at a school on a semester credit hour system, will not recieve transfer credit for courses at AC that require more credit hours than the AC-required course.

    It's also possible that if course descriptions and/or syllabi information cannot be found via our search tools, the student may be required to contact the school to request the description/syllabi so that the student can provide this information to AC and an evaluation of the credit can be determined.With adviser approval, some academic coursework may be used for electives or substituted if the coursework meets certain criteria.
  • Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an external agency. Students that have foreign transcripts from secondary and higher education institutions (high school and college) will need to have transcripts evaluated by an approved foreign credential evaluation service prior to registration. AC will need a copy of the transcript and the evaluation. Please allow enough time prior to the start of the semester to have your transcripts evaluated.  
  1. World Education Services (WES)
    • Required Report for College Credits: Course by Course Report 
  2. Foreign Credentials Services of America (FCSA)
    • Required Report for College Credits: Detailed Evaluation of Coursework
  3. Global Credential Evaluators (GCE)
    • Required Report for College Credits: Course by Course Report
  4. SDR Educational Consultants
    • Required Report for College Credits: Full Evaluation
  5. International Academic Credential Evaluators (IACE)
  6. Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
    • Required Report for College Credits: Course-by-Course Report

NOTE: High School foreign transcripts submitted for aid can be evaluated using General Evaluation reports

2)  I made a "D" in one of my classes at my previous institution. Will my "D" grade transfer to AC?

If your overall cumulative GPA at your previous institution was equal to or greater than a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, then any grade of "D" will transfer. However, please note that some programs require a "C" or higher in their courses in order for a student to fulfill degree requirements.

3)  What if I need my transcript evaluated right away because of the pre-requisites or to meet graduation requirements?

It is the student's responsibility to notify the Registrar's office as soon as you bring in your transcript.  Only the classes requiring immediate attention (for pre-requisites or graduation requirements) will be immediately considered and then transferred if applicable. The rest of your transcript will be put through our regular evaluation process.

4)  I have a 4.0 from my previous college and everything that transferred did not improve my GPA at Amarillo College.  Why?

Transfer courses are applied to the program you are entering and go towards your graduation requirements.  Transfer courses do not affect your AC GPA because you are only receiving the credit for the courses.

5)  I took developmental math, english, or writing at my previous institution.  Why didn't my developmental work transfer?

Amarillo College only considers college-level coursework for transferability. If your previous institution was not a Texas public institution that marked you as TSI complete, you will need to either provide TSI test scores and be placed based on those scores, test with TSI:,  contact the appropriate department to take a challenge exam, or produce another proof of being TSI met and/or exemption (e.g. ACT/SAT scores less than 5 years old that meet the TSI requirement, military exemption, etc. )  Your advisor will use your test and college-level coursework information to place you in the appropriate courses.


1)  Contact your previous college to request they send Amarillo College an OFFICIAL transcript (no copies, faxes or emails accepted) OR you can bring one to the Registrar's Office. If a college transcript is mailed to Amarillo College, it must be unopened and in the original, envelope that was sealed by the sending institution to be counted as official.

2)  The transcript is logged in as received.

3)  If you have any test scores, (ACT, SAT, TSI, etc.) those scores will be entered.

4)  The transcript then goes into queue for scanning and then is sent to the evaluators. Once evaluated, you may log in to Web Advisor and go to your Program Evaluation to see what has been transferred.  If you need help logging in and navigating Web Advisor, please call Ask AC at 371-5000. 

5) A Transfer Equivalency report displaying any applicable credit will be e-mailed to you and any received transfer credits will be viewable to you in ACConnect and to your adviser as they view your degree audit. 


Once courses from other institutions have been evaluated and are transferred into Amarillo College under your current degree program, there is a section on your Amarillo College transcript entitled, "Transfer Info."  In this section, you will find the total number of qualifying transfer credits and the name of the University associated with the credits.


For further questions, please contact us at 806-371-5030 or send us an email at