Get Registered and Certified

Steps to getting enrolled for the next semester and certified for federal education funding!


  1. Get Greenlighted-make an appointment with your academic advisor
  2. Register for classes
  3. Veteran Enrollment Request Form-This must be submitted every semester if you want to utilize your veteran education benefits.

          -Change of major? Fill out the 1995 for veterans or 5496 for Dependents

  1. If you are responsible for paying your tuition make sure to pay by the date posted on the bottom of your schedule.

 -Hazlewood Recipients-This tuition exemption is entered for one school year or three terms. If you have a balance,  you may need to renew the application for another year. Complete the                                               Application for Continuation of Enrollment and submit to AC's Veteran Services. 

- Need help with books, child care, transportation or tuition see Adult Students Program

                        -Apply for Scholarships

  1. Enjoy the semester! SMILE, Have some fun and get involved in your student club-VETACT!