Job Posting for Amarillo College Departments

Student Employee Hiring Process

  1. Review your budget to ensure you have funds to pay a student employee. Students are paid out of your departmental budget regardless of if they are paid out of Federal Work Study or Institutional Funds.
  2. Post your position on GradLeader. You can also call the Career Center at (806) 371-5147 to walk you through this process.
    1. Go to GradLeader
      1. Your Access ID is:
      2. Your password is:
    2. Under Job Board, select Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings
    3. Include (only if appropriate) in Job Title: Federal Work Study required
    4. Include the language below in Job Requirements:
      1. Basic minimum requirements for all student employee positions
      2. Fall/Spring Semester: Currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
      3. Summer (Financial Aid will determine whether a student receives Federal Work Study or Institutional Funding):
        1. If receiving Federal Work Study funding: Currently enrolled in at least 3 credit hours for the summer (Summer I or Summer II)
        2. If receiving institutional funding: Previously enrolled in 6 credit hours in the spring or enrolled in 6 credit hours for the upcoming fall
      4. Meet Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress.
      5. Work no more than 20 hours per week, and may not work during scheduled class times
      6. Semester to semester renewal of student employment contingent on continuing
        1. Must meet the above stated minimum requirements
    5. Include in Application Instructions: Interested students will apply through GradLeader by selecting 'Submit to Posting' (students must have a resume approved by Career Services in GradLeader to see this option).
  3. Review resumes of applicants and identify top candidates for an interview
  4. Prior to an interview, please contact:
    1. Margaret Candelaria (Financial Aid) at (806) 371-5395 to determine student's eligibility
    2. Carol Bevel (Business Office) at (806) 371-5038 for account number and availability of funding
  5. Interview top candidates and make a hiring decision
  6. Report your hire to Career and Employment Services (806) 371-5147
  7. Complete employer section, including the CCN Job ID number (required) and get the necessary signatures. Send student to Financial Aid with completed form.
  8. Student will be sent to EOD after completing the student section of the referral form.  Federal law requires I-9 documentation must be on file by Employment & Organizational Development before student begins employment. Student will need to bring I-9 documentation (social security card, driver's license, or other type of identification - student ID card is not acceptable) and bank information. Dumas and Hereford students should be directed to EOD specialists on their respective campuses.
  9. Direct your student employee to make an appointment with Career & Employment Services for their New Employment Orientation. Students who have completed a Student Employee Orientation during a previous semester are excused from this process.
  10. When a student's employment ends prior to the end date of their referral, you must notify EOD & Financial Aid via email as soon as possible. 

Contact Information

Career & Employment - (806) 371-5147
Financial Aid - (806) 371-5395
Business Office - (806) 371-5038
Human Resources - (806) 371-5040 or - (806) 371-5070

If you have any questions, contact our office at (806) 371-5147 or

Policy updated April 17, 2017