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Office of Communications and Marketing

Washington Street Campus
Parcell Hall #107
Fax: 806-371-5375
Kevin Ball, Vice President of Communications and Marketing

(806) 371-5225 or Email Kevin Ball

Joe Wyatt, Communications Content Producer 
(806) 371-5139 or Email Joe Wyatt

Catherine McGovern, Marketing Brand Manager
(806) 371-5413 or Email Catherine McGovern

Sadie Newsome, Media Director
(806) 371-5411 or Email Sadie Newsome

Connie de Jesus, Marketing Specialist
(806) 371-5130 or Email Connie de Jesus

Stefanie Carruth, Digital Design Specialist
(806) 345-5511 or Email Stefanie Carruth

Bryan Arvello, Digital Content Specialist
(806) 371-5131 or Email Bryan Arvello