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The creative team of Communications & Marketing provide effective and practical design solutions for all AC marketing projects. The artists are here to design and produce official college publications, advertising, promotional pieces, and other of departmental marketing needs. We assist in developing strong and effective materials that maintain the college's branding and graphic identity.
In order to maintain consistency in use of Amarillo College's brand and to ensure branding standards are upheld, the Amarillo College logo may be used for approved Amarillo College activities. Permission must first be obtained from the Communications & Marketing Department. Any unauthorized or deliberate misuse of Amarillo College related identification elements will not be tolerated.  View more Branding Guidelines on the Communications & Marketing Home Page.

For the department to function efficiently and to guarantee completion of your department’s project, a minimum of two weeks’ notice is required by the Communications & Marketing staff. This time frame includes layout and production of the piece, proofing and printing. You are responsible for supplying the content and proofing of the project. Please keep in mind that more complex projects will require more time.

Whether just beginning a project, following up, or inquiring about promotional give away items, it is helpful to make an appointment with the appropriate Communications & Marketing staff member before coming to the office to ensure that he/she will be in a position to speak with you.

Project Timeline and Authorizations


*MINIMUM 14 FULL WORKING DAYS - Please plan ahead. Effective marketing projects require several weeks or months for production and implementation. 


Please proof carefully! If your department or committee requires approval from more than one person, you are responsible for obtaining that approval BEFORE signing off on proofs. Your final approval will signify your responsibility for any errors in design or text.

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