Amarillo College Communications and Marketing

The role of Communications & Marketing is to shape and advance the Amarillo College message through the use of branding, communications, and public relations. The department works to establish a consistent, proactive, and innovative messaging platform that is a reflection of the Amarillo College Mission and Values.

The Amarillo College brand is more than just our logo. It is our character, perception, inspiration and reputation all rolled up into a total experience of what we stand for. A clear, consistent identity builds strength around the brand and will maintain the integrity of Amarillo College’s image.

In order to maintain consistency in use of Amarillo College's brand and to ensure branding standards are upheld, the Amarillo College logo may be used for approved Amarillo College activities. Permission must first be obtained from the Communications & Marketing Department. Any unauthorized or deliberate misuse of Amarillo College related identification elements will not be tolerated.

The College encourages members of the faculty and staff to respond to requests from the media pertaining to academic programs, research or professional expertise. In all instances, the Communications & Marketing Department must be made aware of all media inquiries before any responses are given, so that we can help coordinate the publicity and ensure a consistent College response to newsworthy issues.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Communications & Marketing Department to initiate and/or respond to news media requests that involve issues of College-wide significance or are of a controversial or sensitive nature.

Employees or departments wishing to publicize a program, event or accomplishment through the media should contact the Communications & Marketing Department.

Please select the appropriate Request Form from the Online Forms Here

We are here to assist with your marketing needs:

  • Graphic Services such as print and digital materials, etc.
  • Promotional Services such as pens and pencils, etc.
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Website (CMS) Update/Training
  • Media Inquires