Requests from Media Policy

The College encourages members of the faculty and staff to respond to requests from the media pertaining to academic programs, research or professional expertise; however, in all instances, the Communications & Marketing Department must be made aware of media inquiries - and approval must be granted - before members of the AC workforce, as such, participate in media interviews. Please contact email Joe Wyatt, (806) 371-5139 or (806) 206-7993 to receive approval before proceeding with media requests of any kind.


If you cannot reach Joe Wyatt, please contact Sadie Newsome at (806) 371-5411.


At Amarillo College we strive to comply with most media requests as they are typically benign and beneficial. But it is only through compliance with this policy that the College can ensure its need to remain aware of when and where our collective voice is being heard. Additionally, please note: It is the sole responsibility of the Communications & Marketing Department to initiate and/or respond to news media requests that involve issues of College-wide significance or are controversial or sensitive in nature.