Visual Identifiers - Spirit Mark Logos

All applications of the AC badger art must be facilitated by Communications and Marketing. Departments, student organizations and individuals are not authorized to use this art without permission from Communications and Marketing.

AC Busy Badger













The Badger is considered an external/recruitment/student-oriented marketing tool. Only the AC logo will be used on internal departmental communications. The Badger can be used on external-facing communications as approved by Communications and Marketing


AC Spirit Mark Logos


Supporting Marks







                            The Office of Trademark Licensing (or Communication and Marketing) must grant prior written approval for all uses of the AC Badger. It may be used by Amarillo College, units and sponsored student organizations. The AC circle spirit mark may be used for any social media platform but must gain approval from the Communication and Marketing Department.

Spirit marks must adhere to these requirements:

  • Do not integrate the AC Badger with other designs, words or marks or use it to replace a letter or part of one. Designs/logos that utilize the shape or outline of the mark or superimpose other words or elements on top of the marks are not acceptable.