Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Process into the DH Program at AC


*All Associate (AA, AS) degrees and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees have a 1 credit hour institutional requirement of EDUC 1100: First-Year Seminar.

  1. BIOL 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I
  2. BIOL 2402 Anatomy & Physiology II
  3. BIOL 2421 Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
  4. CHEM 1406 General Organic & Biological Chemistry

On average, it takes most students one year or two 16-week semesters to complete their prerequisites. 

The Dental Hygiene Program at AC is a 2-year program that includes a summer session between the first and second year. 

At AC, we accept a class of 24 that begins each Fall.

We begin accepting applications in January; the final day is May 31, 2023.

Yes, you do.

It is the applicants responsibility to request that their official transcripts be sent to Amarillo College. Once they are sent to AC, there is a process to evaluate the coursework. It is important to have this done as early on as possible. That will allow the registrar the needed time to evaluate your coursework and for it to appear on your AC transcript under Transfer Information.  Registrar FAQ

Yes, all science courses completed must be within five years of the application.

No, however, it is helpful to gain some observation experience. We recommend that our applicants observe various dental hygiene procedures if possible. This allows the applicant to ask questions and gain insight into what dental hygienists do in the workplace. Hopefully, in doing so, each applicant will feel that the dental hygiene profession is right for them.

You must attend a mandatory information session through the Health Science division. Dates and times are listed for you.

  • The Dental Hygiene Program Admission Committee reviews applications beginning June 1, 2023. 
  • We consider those applications submitted by the deadline and identified as complete.
  • The Department of Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee develops a ranking score for each application. The committee reviews each application and assigns points to each applicant, totaling a ranking score. The criteria is available on the Program Point System Worksheet.

Because each applicant will be ranked, it is essential to remember that higher grades will receive higher points. The AC Dental Hygiene Program is highly sought after by students. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that a prerequisite GPA of at least 3.5 will be needed to compete for a position in the class. However, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is acceptable to apply.

No, we do not require letters of recommendation for acceptance.

We value your experience as a dental assistant; however, it is not considered in the admission process.

Reviewing the applications and selection process for the Dental Hygiene Program takes about two weeks. You will receive an email within a few days of the May 31 deadline with a completed AC Dental Hygiene Program Point System Worksheet for you to respond to and verify. Once students have verified applications, the committee ranks all applicants from highest to lowest. (The process may take 1-2 weeks) We accept the top-ranking 24 students and send out emails to all applicants at that time.

You can count on either class or clinic responsibilities 4-5 days a week from 7:30 am-5 pm within the Program. General education coursework needed for graduation may need to be done evenings or weekends as available. 

We understand that not all students can attend college without working as well. However, our Program requires a significant time commitment for clinics, classes, and study. If possible, we would advise you to try and not work. 

We understand that not all students can relocate to Amarillo and must commute. However, because our Program is such a rigorous program that requires a significant amount of time, commuting can be challenging. If possible, we would encourage you to relocate to Amarillo.

Science is foundational to the study of dental hygiene and your success in the Program. That is why courses like Anatomy and Physiology need to be current. Current is defined as taken within five years of admittance to the Program. *Each prerequisite course can only be retaken once.*

No, the content of these courses creates a foundation necessary to support your success in the first year of the Program. If you do not complete the required prerequisites by the deadline, your application will be considered incomplete and thus will not be considered for admission to the Program.

The Dental Hygiene Program has shifted to a new admission process in 2023. The courses you have taken are still required but will not count as points toward your acceptance. Taking those classes is still mandatory for graduation. You will not be required to retake them in the Program as long as they are completed with a passing grade and approved by the Dental Hygiene Program Selection Committee. 

All Health Science students at AC must have a background check and drug screening to ensure the safety of patients treated by students.

No, unfortunately not. Prerequisite science courses can only be retaken once for the retake grade to qualify.

We recommend you dont wait until the last minute to apply if possible, especially if you need to have courses evaluated by the registrar because that can take time.

Your advisor is Jessica Sanchez

You can also contact Donna Cleere (program director), Amanda Lester-Chisum (faculty, clinic coordinator) or Lynette Hayhurst with any questions. 

Coursework that has been repeated one time will be considered. The highest of the two attempts will be accepted.

AC has a wonderful Financial Aid office. Please get in touch with them for more information.

Courses will more than likely transfer into the Program if you successfully complete the course, receiving a grade of C or better at a regionally accredited college or university. The Department of Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee will review your transcripts for transfer courses. The Registrar at AC does the official review; please see Registrar FAQ. The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee will review your transcript for Transfer Information.

Once applicants have been scored, you will be contacted through your Amarillo College email on June 1 or June 2 to verify the scores and rank you have received. Once you confirm your score, you will be contacted in the next week or two to let you know if you have been accepted.