Classified and Administrative Personnel Handbook Index



The Amarillo College Classified and Administrative Personnel Handbook (hereafter referred to as the Handbook) describes the policies and procedures governing all classified and administrative employees of the College. This Handbook supplements and implements information contained in The Amarillo Junior College District Board of Regents Policy Manual. If any policy contained herein is inconsistent, in conflict, or incompatible with The Amarillo Junior College District Board of Regents Policy Manual, the later shall control.

Utilization and proper administration of the policies and procedures listed in this Handbook are the responsibility of each supervisor of classified and administrative personnel. Good judgment is expected to be applied in the application of these policies. Any questions regarding the interpretation of policies and procedures should be referred to the Director of Human Resources.

In order to keep the Handbook up to date Human Resources will review it annually and recommend changes to the President and the President’s Cabinet as needed. All approved changes will be sent by the Human Resources Office to employees possessing a Handbook and posted on the official Amarillo College website. Each supervisor is responsible for keeping his/her Handbook current, and each employee should have ready access to a Handbook.




1.1       Definitions                                                                                           
1.2       Employee Classifications                                                                      
1.3       Types of Classified Employees                                                 
1.4       Probationary Period for Classified Employees                          
1.5       Dress Code                                                                                         
1.6       Confidential Information                                                                       
1.7       Employment Records                                                                           
1.8       Personnel Form 310                                                                            
2.1       Work Hours and Schedule                                                                   
2.2       Work Week                                                                                        
2.3       Rest Period                                                                                         
2.4       Meal Break                                                                                         
2.5       Overtime Work                                                                                   
2.6       Holiday Pay                                                                                         
2.7       Attendance and Absenteeism                                                               
3.1       Basic Policy of Wage and Salary Compensation                                   
3.2       Reclassification                                                                        
3.3       Appeals on Reclassifications                                                                
3.4       Night Pay                                                                                            
3.5       Evening Pay                                                                                         
3.6       Classified Employee Education Award                                     
3.7       Academic Advancement for Administrative Personnel               
3.8       Time Sheets                                                                                         
3.9       Method of Payment                                                                     
3.10     Pay Day                                                                                              
4.1       Employment Policy                                                                              
4.2       Employment and Promotional Opportunities Procedure            
4.3       Three Ways a Department May Fill a Position Vacancy            
            1. Departmental Promotional Opportunity Procedure               
            2. College-Wide Promotional Opportunity Procedure              
            3. Open Recruiting Procedure                                               
4.4       Screening                                                                                            
4.5       Hiring Unqualified Classified Personnel (Trainees)                                 
4.6       Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)                                        
4.7       Re-Employment of Former Employees                                     
4.8       New Employee Pay Rates                                                                   
4.9       New Employee Orientation Procedure                                     
4.10     Performance Evaluation                                                                       
5.1       Granting and Reporting of Leave                                                          
5.2       Holidays                                                                                              
5.3       Vacation Leave                                                                                   
5.4       Sick Leave                                                                                          
5.5       Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)                                                     
5.6       Bereavement Leave                                                                             
5.7       Jury Leave                                                                                           
5.8       Military Leave                                                                                     
5.9       Leave Without Pay                                                                              
6.1       Retirement Programs                                                                           
6.2       Amarillo College Benefit Plan                                                   
6.3       Insurance                                                                                             
6.4       Workers’ Compensation                                                                      
6.5       Catastrophic Illness Provision (CIP)
6.6       Tax-Sheltered Annuities                                                                       
6.7       Employee Tuition Scholarship                                                  
6.8       Courtesy Fund                                                                                     
6.9       Accidents and Emergencies                                                                  
6.10     Traffic Citation Appeals                                                                        
7.1       Resignation                                                                                          
7.2       Retirement                                                                                           
7.3       Forced Reduction Layoff                                                                     
7.4       Employee Standards of Conduct
7.5       Grounds for Termination                                                                      
7.6       Due Process Procedure for Classified Employees                                 
7.7       Due Process Procedure for Administrators                                           
7.8       Grievance Procedure 
7.9       Complaints Alleging Discrimination                                                        
7.10     Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures                     
7.11     Retaliation Forbidden 
7.12     False Claims                                                                                        
8.1       Return to Work Procedure                                                                  
8.2       Modified Duty                                                                                     
8.3       Work Assignment                                                                                
8.4       Conditions of Modified Duty                                                                
8.5       Termination of Modified Duty                                                  
8.6       Reassignments                                                                                     
9.1       Policy Statement                                                                                  
9.2       Violence                                                                                              
9.3       Weapons                                                                                             
9.4       Reporting Responsibility                                                                       
9.5       Penalty for Violation                                                                            
10.1     Policy Statement                                                                                  
10.2     License Agreements                                                                             
10.3     Prohibited Acts                                                                        
10.4     Applicability of Policy                                                              
10.5     Penalty for Violation
10.6     Open Records