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Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plans available at Amarillo College.

Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS (TRS) (Mandatory Participation for Classified employees)

TRS provides guaranteed retirement benefits in the form of annuities backed by the State of Texas. Employee contribution is 6.4% of salary, which is tax sheltered. State contribution is 6.8% of salary. Five year vesting period to receive TRS funded annuity at retirement age. There are five Survivor Benefit options one of which is a lump sum payment of 2X's annual salary up to $80,000. 

For more information about TRS go to:

Optional Retirement Program (ORP)


An investment plan under which employee selects a carrier from an approved list, selects investment options, and builds a retirement account composed of individual and employer contributions plus their earnings. Employee contribution is 6.65%, which is tax sheltered, and State contribution is 6.6%. The vesting period is one year and one day. 

Administrative and Faculty employees must participate in either the Teacher Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program.

Amarillo College

Authorized companies for Optional Retirement Program

And Tax Sheltered Annuities


The following companies are authorized to participate in the Optional Retirement Program at Amarillo College .


ORP or TSA Carriers

Representative Names

Office Telephone Number



Emily Granberg

(800) 892-5558 X87392


Fidelity Investments

Miguel Salazar

(866) 581-1147


FTJ FundChoice


Scott Dickerson

(806) 331-2600 ext. 4


GWN Marketing

Mike Miller


VOYA Retirement Insurance & Annuity Company (Formerly ING)

Hank Holt or Andy Holt

(806) 655-0251



ISC Group, Inc.

Chris Tacey

(800) 888-3520


Life Insurance Company of the Southwest

Glenn Lester or

Jerald Stinson

(806) 359-7611

(806) 351-0818


Security Benefit

Michael Shane Hall

 (806) 367-9568


Waddell & Reed

Charles A. Marselli

(888) 718-7185


Amarillo College Benefit Plan

Offering TSA's Only.  Not an ORP carrier.

Sharon Doggett









Amarillo College Authorized Companies for Roth 403(b)

The following companies are authorized to participate in the Roth 403(b) Program at Amarillo College .


Roth 403(b) Carriers

Representative Names

Office Telephone Number


ISC Group, Inc.

Chris Tacey

(800) 888-3520

Security Benefit

Michael Shane Hall


(806) 367-9568


Amarillo College Benefit Plan

Sharon Doggett







Comparison of TRS/ORP for Administrators & Faculty


This is one of the most important decision that you will make regarding your retirement. It is a very personal decision and can only be made once. You need to study the material provided very carefully and you may even want to review it with your financial advisor.

Type of Plan

Teacher Retirement System (TRS) Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

Type of Plan  

 Defined Benefit Plan (401a)  Defined Contribution Plan 403(b)

Retirement Benefit

 Guaranteed annuity at retirement
 backed by the State of Texas.
 Built from contributions plus earnings
     As managed by you and your selected 


 Employee (tax sheltered) 6.4%

New ORP Participants: 

Employee (tax sheltered) 6.65%

Employer (state) 6.4%

1st year, the employer funds are invested in a money market type fund.

ORP Transfers

Note: AC will contribute the 7.31% if the new employee transfers from another public institution where he/she was receiving a higher rate. AC does not pay the 8.5%.

   Employer (state) 6.644%


 5% per year  Varies depending on investments.


 5 years  366 days

Other Benefits

 Survivor Benefits Disability Retirement  Very portable due to vesting period and
 type of plan. No survivor or disability 

If an employee completes 10 years of service in the ERS insurance program then the employee will have the State Health Insurance paid for them as a retiree when they turn 65 years old or when they reach the Rule of 80 (service years and age must add to 80) under current law.


Amarillo College Benefit Plan (ACBP)


In addition to mandatory participation in TRS or ORP, you will have a one time opportunity to decide if you want to participate in this voluntary retirement program. This program was created by Amarillo College as a replacement for Social Security. Amarillo College does not participate in Social Security. Employee contribution is 6.65% of salary, which is tax sheltered. AC contribution is 6.65% of salary (5.9% to retirement and .75% to long-term disability). No vesting period; employee has access to employee and employer contributions upon termination of employment. Disability and survivorship benefits included. If you do not take the ACBP you can change your decision at any time to Yes but you can never opt out of the ACBP in the future.


Social Security

Amarillo College does not participate in Social Security. AC opted out of Social Security in 1983.  If you would like more information on how this will affect your retirement please visit the social security link listed below.

This website can also assist you with information regarding the following services:

  • Applications for Social Security retiement, spouse's, and disability benefits.
  • Benefits Calculators to estimate future benefits.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Change of address for your retirees already receiving Social Security
  • Replacement of Medicare Cards
  • Verification of benefits