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Ac health coverage options

Amarillo College offers two types of health plans:  HealthSelect of Texas, a self-funded point-of-service plan, and Consumer Directed HealthSelect, a self-funded high-deductible health plan with a tax-free health savings account (HSA). Employees can change health plans based on eligibility and/ or enroll and drop dependents from health coverage during Summer Benefits Enrollment. Contribution rates for health insurance are based on funding provided by the Texas Legislature. The state contribution rate will remain the same - the state will pay 100% of premiums for eligible full-time employees and 50% for their eligible dependents. (The state will continue to pay 50% of the premiums for eligible part-time employees and 25% of the premiums for their dependents.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT INSURANCE: Health and other insurance benefits for employees and retirees are subject to change based on available state funding. The Texas Legislature determines the level of funding for such benefits and has no continuing obligation to provide those benefits beyond each fiscal year.
HealthSelect of Texas

A network-based point-of-service plan available statewide, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. You choose a primary care provider (PCP) and get referrals for specialists. HealthSelect of Texas includes comprehensive prescription drug coverage administered by OptumRx.


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Consumer Directed HealthSelect

A network-based, high-deductible preferred provider organization (PPO) plan available statewide, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. The program includes comprehensive prescription drug coverage through the HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program, administered by OptumRx. The state makes monthly contributions to an eligible member's health savings account (HSA).

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virtual visits for employeesVirtual Visits

Medical and Mental health Virtual Visits through Doctor On Demand and MDLIVE are covered at 100% if you are enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas, HealthSelect Out-of-State or HealthSelect Secondary. This means you will pay nothing for medical and mental health Virtual Visits. Both Doctor on Demand and MDLIVE have apps that can be used on your mobile device.  

If you are enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelect, you must meet your annual deductible before medical and mental health Virtual Visits are covered. After you meet your deductible, you will pay 20% coinsurance. 


TexFlex FSAs

There are three types of TexFlex FSAs. Click on the tabs below to see options.

  • Not available to Consumer Directed HealthSelect participants
  • The annual minimum election for PY24 is $180 ($15 per month), and the maximum is $3,050 ($254 per month)
  • Employees enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelect cannot participate in healthcare FSAs, because of their ability to contribute to HSAs
  • The maximum annual election remains at $5,000 in PY24.
  • There will be a 2-month grace period from Sept.1 through Nov.15, 2024. Any Plan Year 2024 funds not spent by Nov.15, 2024, will be forfeited.
  • Participants will need to submit claims by Dec.31, 2024, for eligible expenses incurred until Nov.15, 2024.
  • Only employees enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelect can enroll in a limited-purpose FSA.
  • Limited-purpose FSA funds can be used only for eligible dental and vision expenses.
  • The annual minimum election for PY24 is $180 ($15 per month), and the maximum is $3,050 ($254 per month).

Optional Benefits

Eligible employees and dependents can enroll in one of two available dental insurance plans: State of Texas Dental Choice (PPO) or DeltaCare USA DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization). For a detailed list of services and coverage, visit


  • To keep costs low, active employees who sign up for GBP dental insurance will not get an ID card, and participating dentists shouldn't require them. Participants can download a virtual ID card to their smartphone through the Delta Dental app. They can also download and print their ID information from ERS Dental Plan Website or call Delta Dental toll-free at (888) 818-7925 (TTY: 711) to request a mailed paper copy.

State of Texas Dental Choice
This is a preferred provider organization (PPO) dental insurance plan and is a self-funded plan. That means ERS determines what will be covered under the plan and uses members' premium contributions to pay for the plan's share of eligible expenses. Participants have a choice between two networks: Delta Dental PPO network or Delta Dental Premier network. You can see any provider, but you will pay less if you see a PPO network dentist.

DeltaCare USAThis is a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) dental insurance plan. Coverage applies only to dentists in the Texas service area. Before you enroll, make sure there is a DHMO network dentist in your area. You must select a primary care dentist (PCD) from a list of approved providers. You and your enrolled dependents can choose different primary care dentists.

Beginning September 1, 2023, State of Texas Vision is administered by Eyemed Vision Care, LLC. Vision benefits are an easy way for you and your dependents to maintain healthy vision and eyes. To register or find out more, click here:Eyemed

Available in increments of 1 to 4x your salary to a maximum of $400,000. Premiums are based on an employee's age and salary. Proof of insurability will be required for all but the 1x and 2x options during your first 30 days of employment. If you do not take 1x or 2x during your first 30 days of employment, then you will have to provide evidence of insurability on 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x your life insurance.

Accidental life insurance in amounts of $10,000 to $200,000 at .02 per thousand for the employee only and .04 for employee and family coverage. For more information:VADD.

$5,000 term life insurance available for all eligible dependents for $1.45 per family per month. This also includes $5,000 of AD&D insurance. Not available for Premium Conversion. If you do not take this during your first 30 days of employment you will have to prove insurability on your family to take this insurance. For more information: Dependent Term Life Insurance.

Short-term Disability

Once a participant's claim is approved, short-term disability provides 66% of your monthly salary with benefits payable for a period of up to five months (a maximum of 150 days) after completion of your 30-day waiting period or use all available sick leave (including extended sick leave, donated sick leave and sick leave pool), whichever is longest. To be eligible for benefits, you must provide a physician certification that you are totally disabled and unable to work. For more information: TIPP

Long-term Disability

The College provides long-term disability (LTD) coverage at no cost for all full-time employees (FTE 1.0), through Mutual of Omaha. The policy provides income replacement for employees who are unable to work due to a disabling condition. Qualifying employees may receive up to 60% of monthly earnings, up to $9,000 per month, after 90 days off work due to a partially or totally disabling condition for a covered physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. Benefits are not payable during the 90-day benefit waiting period. Employees do not need to provide evidence of insurability to qualify for this benefit. Employees should contact Human Resources for more information.