A comprehensive resume can be intimidating to create, but our team is here to help students create something that is “badger ready” and reflects everything they bring to the table. Check out the resume samples below to aid and assist you with creating your own resume.

The Career and Employment Services team would love to help you make your resume perfect, so after you’ve created it, send it our way! Make an appointment by email at or call us at 806-371-5147.

Where do I start?

Think about your past experiences in education and work, and decide if you want to focus on your work history or the skills you gained through your education. 

Choose a template to start, either chronological or functional, and remember that you can use the resume rubric below as a guide for what to include in your resume.


General Chronological Resume Template

A chronological resume is a straightforward document that lists your work history in reverse order, starting with your most recent job, highlighting your career progression over time.

The chronological resume template below is a starting point.


General Functional Resume Template

A functional resume highlights your skills and qualifications instead of your work history, which is beneficial when your job experiences are not in a typical chronological order. This format helps showcase your relevant abilities effectively.

The functional resume template below is a starting point.


Community Specific Resume Template