Criminal Background Check

The medical facilities who are affiliated with Amarillo College to provide clinical education courses require a Criminal Background Check (CBC) on all incoming students to insure patient safety. A background check typically takes 3 5 normal business days to complete.

Amarillo College background checks are conducted by PreCheck, Inc., a firm specializing in background checks for healthcare workers. Your order must be placed online only through “StudentCheck.”

Go to and click on the "Students" link.

Complete all required fields and hit Continue to enter your payment information. The payment of $53.58 ($49.50 plus sales tax for individuals living in Texas) can be made securely online with a credit or debit card. You can also pay by money order, but that will delay processing your background check until the money order is received by mail at the PreCheck office. You will be provided an order confirmation number and instructions on how to check the status on the completion of your report by email.

PreCheck will not use your information for any other purposes other than a background check. Your credit will not be investigated, and your name will not be given out to any businesses.

If you need assistance, please contact PreCheck at

Before you proceed with the CBC process, you should first view and download the Amarillo College CBC Policy Statement. After reading the policy statement, you will need to sign the attached form and submit the signed form to your program director for placement into your application file. Your application to the program cannot be considered until this signed statement is on file.


  • Do I get a copy of the report?
    No. Only the affiliated hospitals and the Program Director have access to the reports. However, you can order a copy of your report for an additional fee at the time you place your order.
  • Does PreCheck need every street address where I have lived over the past 7 years?
    No, just the city and state.
  • I have been advised that I am being denied entry into the program because of information on my report and that I should contact PreCheck. Where should I call?
    Call PreCheck’s Adverse Action hotline at 800-203-1654. Adverse Action is the procedure established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act that allows you to see the report and to dispute anything reported.
  • I have a criminal record. What should I do?
    Disclose the crime on your application.