Faculty Credentials and Qualifications

Compliance with SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) Accreditation

In adhering to SACSCOC Faculty Credentials guidelines, Amarillo College has developed a Faculty and Credentials Qualifications Manual as approved by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 


The latest version of the manual can be found here:  Faculty and Credentials Qualifications Manual


New Faculty Process

All new faculty at the time of employment (both full and part-time faculty academic faculty), must create a profile and upload a CV (curriculum vita) or resume to the Faculty Credentials portal by logging into MyACcount.  A profile is created once a CV or resume is uploaded by the faculty member in .pdf format. 

Once this has been created, the office of Employee Organization and Development (EOD) can then upload all of the faculty member's official transcripts that have been submitted to that office. *You do not need to do anything further as EOD will be uploading your transcripts.  Please ensure EOD has the official transcripts from your previously attended institutions. 

This Faculty Credentials portal is a data repository for housing and maintaining historical data for compliance and reporting to SACSCOC.


Continuing Faculty Process

Should a faculty member have updates to a CV or resume, please login and update in the same Faculty Credentials Portal.  If faculty have earned additional credits or degrees from a higher education institution, updated official transcript(s) should be sent to EOD. 



Please direct your questions to: Tina Babb, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation or Frank Sobey, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.