Prior Learning Assessment

Amarillo College allows up to 36 semester credit hours for Prior Learning Credit with additional considerations given to credit earned by licensure. Academic departments have the freedom to grant credit based on their individual departmental Prior Learning Credit policy.  
The types of Prior Learning Credit that Amarillo College accepts are as follows: 

Conversion of Continuing Education (CE) Credit
Credit by Departmental Exam
Credit by Exam (ACT, AP, CLEP, SAT)
Credit by Experience  (External verification required)
Credit by Licensure
DANTES test scores for military students
High School Articulated Credit
International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
Professional Certifications

Additionally, and per SACSCOC Standard 9.4, "At least 25% of the credit hours required for an undergraduate degree are earned through instruction offered by the institution awarding the degree.  Credits 'earned through instruction offered by the institution' would not include coursework transferred from other institutions, prior learning assessments, AP or CLEP credits (or credit by examination), or credits earned through a consortium that did not originate from the institution."