General Education

Historical Information - This Methodology Disbanded in 2013-2014

General Education assessment allowed Amarillo College to directly assess student knowledge attainment based on the degree to which students mastered various general education competencies.

The competencies that were assessed changed over time, but the basic framework remained the same. A committee of faculty selected from across the college came together to use a rubric to assess various pieces of student work from across the college. The committees would then make various recommendations (i.e. pointing out strengths, weaknesses, areas of concern, etc.) to the college community for each competency.

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AC established General Education Competencies in 2004, the process evolved from 2004-2012, but the process was disbanded in the 2013-2014 year in favor of a new core curriculum assessment and program review process.


General Education Assessment Information (2004-2012)

Annual Assessment Reports (2006-2013)

Competency Information and Rubrics (2011-2012) and Oldest Rubrics (2004-2010)

Evolution of General Education Competencies (2004-Current)

General Education Assessment Methodology

General Education Artifact Solicitation Process

General Education Assessment Trainings


Greatest General Education Competency Model Influences (2004-2012)