Dual Credit Planning for Potential Music Majors

Course requirements for an Associate Degree in Music (MUSI.AS) at Amarillo College are found below.  Designed as a transfer degree, this plan is basically the first two years of any four-year music degree at all Texas institutions, with music students taking courses in their specific emphasis (music performance, music education, music business, music therapy, etc.) in their 3rd and 4th years. Two and four-year music degrees limit the number of general education requirements for students, and many high school dual credit offerings just do not apply to a music degree.

The first section is the General Education requirements for the degree.  This is more limited than what is often thought of as “basics”, and ensures that the student can maintain a full-time schedule while taking their 3rd and 4th year of music requirements without adding credits that won’t apply to their degree. All of these courses are currently available dual credit options at Amarillo College, and can be taken according to what will fulfill remaining high school requirements.

The second section contains all of the music major course requirements.  Since they are not currently offered as dual credit sections, enrollment needs approval by the high school as concurrent courses. Music Theory and Ear Training are offered on campus Monday through Thursday mornings, and Recital Attendance on campus on Thursday afternoons, but online options may be available at the discretion of the instructor - contact the Music Department EARLY if you would like to apply for online consideration.  The remaining classes can all be taken in the afternoon after school or in the evening.

Current MUSI.AS degree checklists by voice or instrument emphasis can also be found in the Academics section at www.actx.edu/music. To confirm current course schedules or for more information about dual credit planning for high school students interested in earning a college degree in music, contact Camille Day Nies, Music and Theatre Department Chair at cdnies@actx.edu or Pamela Valdez, LIberal Arts Division Advisor at phflores@actx.edu.