The Testing Center is a unit of the Amarillo College Student Affairs Division. The Testing Center supports instruction, academic planning, and the community by providing various testing services for prospective students, current students, and members of the community.


Main Testing Center

Location: Student Service Center - Suite 101
Phone: 806-371-5445

Monday: 8AM - 7PM
Tuesday: 8AM - 5PM
Wednesday: 8AM - 5PM
Thursday: 8AM - 5PM
Friday: 8AM - 5PM

Saturday: Available Saturdays


Other Testing/Computing Centers on Washington Street Campus

 Math Testing Center
 Location: Durrett - Suite 103
 Phone: (806) 371-5088"
 Hours: Hours of operation

 Science Testing Center
 Location: Warren - Suite 112
 Phone: (806) 371-5948
 Hours: Hours of operation

 CIS Testing Lab (Pearson)
 Location: Byrd - Suite 202
 Phone: (806) 371-5220
 Hours: Please call 

Testing Centers on Other AC Campuses

 West Campus Testing Center
 Location: Building D - Suite 106
 Phone: (806) 354-6052
 Hours: Please call

 Hereford Campus Testing Center
 Location: Suite 122
 Phone: (806) 379-2700
 Hours: Hours of operation

 Moore County Testing Center
 Location: Suite 115
 Phone: (806) 934-7220
 Hours: Hours of operation


Testing Services General Policies

1. No food or beverages are permitted in testing rooms at any time.
2. No cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronic devices are permitted in testing rooms at any time.
3. No purses, bags, backpacks, etc. are permitted in testing rooms at any time.
4. No one may accompany a tester into a testing room at any time. This includes children, friends, spouses, etc. 
5. The only materials allowed in the testing rooms are those outlined by each exam sponsor or instructor.

*Exceptions may be made for students with accommodations approved through DisAbility Services.