AC Pantry is for AC people by AC people.

The Amarillo College Food Pantry provides non-perishable food and toiletries to any currently enrolled Amarillo College students or employees who need a little extra help. Students must be enrolled in courses for the semester in which they would like to access the food pantry. Interested current students can access this service twice a month.

We provide a stopgap service for the Amarillo College community when someone faces the difficult decision to spend $20 on gas or to spend those $20 for food. We believe hunger should not be an obstacle for the people of Amarillo College in reaching their academic goals.

Interested in Donating to the AC Food Pantry?:

At this time, we encourage monetary donations to those who are interested in donating to the Amarillo College Food Pantry to maintain compliance with the CDC Guidelines due to COVID-19. These tax-deductible monetary donations may be made through the AC Foundation. Thank you for your consideration. 


The Amarillo College Food Pantry Has Moved To An Online Ordering System

Starting on Monday, July 6th the Amarillo College Food Pantry at the Washington Street Campus will be moving to an online ordering system to ensure continued safety measures due to Covid-19. Our 2 month visit per month guideline will continue to remain during this time.


To Place a Food Pantry Order:

Click on a 24 hour accessible link: 

**Students, please note that you must complete a food pantry order in order to access the food pantry pick up at the designated days and times. Due to high order volume, please allow 48 hrs. to receive your confirmation email from an ARC team member to notify you of your pick up day. We will not be able to fulfill same day orders.


For more information, please contact:

The Advocacy & Resource Center (The ARC)

Washington Street Campus - Ware Student Commons - Suite 108



Please note that the Food Pantry's located at the East Campus, West Campus, Hereford Campus and Moore County Campus will operate as normal with additional safety precautions due to Covid-19.  If you attend classes regularly at one of the previously listed campuses mentioned above, please feel free to continue to utilize their services as you see fit. 

AC Food Pantry Additional Campus Locations:

West Campus:

Building A - Room 104M


East Campus:

Student Service Center - Room 136


Moore County Campus:

Room 111


Hereford Campus:

1115 West 15th