The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects student privacy.

Once a student reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level, the rights to a student's academic record transfer from a parent/guardian to the student.

Deceased students are not covered under FERPA; however, it is the Registrar's Office standard policy to not release deceased student records.

In general, Amarillo College requires signed student consent to release or discuss information related to a student's record with a third party (e.g. student schedule, student transcript, student transfer credit given, academic standing, etc.).

How to Request Authorized Release of Protected Admission/Registrar Information:

  • If a student would like a transcript sent to another institution, home address, or outside entity, the student should submit a request via one of the ways outlined on the Transcript Information Web page.
  • If a student would like to release their admissions' or registrar-related educational record information to a third party for pick up or mail out, the student should provide a written Release Statement via one of the following methods:
    • Fax: 806-371-5066
    • Email: Registrar@actx.edu (Email must be sent through AC student email address)
    • In Person: Release Statement sent with the person to whom the record is being released


Students wishing to temporarily release their information can complete a FERPA Release Form for their admission/registrar records and information.

Students unable to print the above release form can instead create their own release statement.
The release statement must include the following pieces of information:

  • Student Name
  • Student Date of Birth
  • Student AC ID or Last 4 Digits SSN
  • Phone Number to Call Student Should AC Staff Have Questions
  • Name of Third Party Picking up, Being Sent, or Discussing Student Information
  • Date the Third-Party Can Access/Discuss the Released Information (NOTE: For Registrar's Office, the release can only be a one-day release)
  • Specific Information or Documentation the Third-Party Can Discuss/View/Pick Up (e.g. "pick up transcript", "discuss suspension status", etc.)
  • Signature of the Student Releasing the Information

For additional assistance or questions related to the release statement, please call 806-371-5036.

How to Request Authorized Release of Financial Aid, Scholarship, Etc. Information:
If a student would like a third-party to be able to discuss information that is not registrar-related such as financial aid status, the student should contact that specific department to see what information can be released to third parties and what additional paperwork (if any) should be supplied to that party. If you do not know the department's contact information, please view the Amarillo College directory and type the name or department you are attempting to reach in the "Search" field.

Private student information will always be protected. However, the following people/entities are not bound by typical FERPA protocol.

  1. Directory Information: Each semester that a student does not complete a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information, the student's demographic may be shared with transfer institutions, scholarships entities, the commencement brochure, or other entities who have requested access to Amarillo College student records. More information related to releasable directory information can be found on the Request for Information Web page.
  2. School Officials: A school official who needs access to a student's record for educational purposes
  3. Transfer Institution: Schools to which a student transfers (note: Student still must typically make a transcript request so AC knows where to send transcript)
  4. Entities that Support Student's Education: Appropriate organizations connected to student's financial aid (if applicable)
  5. Government/Ruling Body Requirements: Documents gathered for assessment, audit, accreditation, or research purposes
  6. Mandated Sharing of Information: Mandated judicial orders given due to subpoena, appropriate officials declaring health/safety emergency, or state/local authorities involved with juvenile justice system. Should Amarillo College receive mandated judicial orders, we will notify the student in writing to make them aware of the request and allow them time to stop release of their records. For this reason, students should keep their directory information up-to-date at all times.

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