Amarillo Junior College District engaged Shiver-Megert and Associates Architects and Facility Programming and Consulting to prepare the building program for a New Multidisciplinary Lab Building at the Washington Street Campus. The new Multidisciplinary Lab Building will create new lab spaces at Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus. The proposed site for the New Multidisciplinary Building is located directly east of Warren Hall on the Amarillo College Washington Street Campus. 

The location for the New Mutlidisciplinary Building will be constructed in what is currently a campus parking lot. An additional parking lot will be constructed and is also a part of this bond package.

Graphic-Washington Campus Parking Lot

The building is meant to provide updated wet lab spaces for the Biology and Physical Science departments. Current lab spaces at Amarillo College are outdated in the Allied Health Division, and the Nursing program growth has increased demand for these courses in the past several years. The college has reached capacity in current spaces.

The new building will be located adjacent to Warren Hall, and with the renovation of Warren Hall, provide updated facilities for several of Amarillo College Science and Engineering Departments. The 2007 Bond Election passage will fund construction of the new building and renovation of spaces in Warren Hall; both projects to be accomplished in conjunction with each other.

The proposed Total Project Cost (TPC) for the Multidisciplinary Lab Building is $8.55 Million. In addition, an allowance of $2 Million has been budgeted for the renovation of Warren Hall.

New Multidisciplinary Science Laboratory Building

Project Schedule

The following dates are critical to a successful project:

  • Begin Programming: November 2007
  • Complete Programming: March 2008
  • Complete Schematic Design: April 2008
  • Complete Design Development: May 2008
  • Complete Construction Documents: September 2008
  • Construction Begins: October 2008
  • Construction Complete: December 2009  
Project Need 

The need for the project is being driven by the following factors:
  • Overcrowding – existing spaces are too small and do not provide sufficient space for growth
  • Current laboratory and teaching facilities do not meet the needs of faculty. Better technology and demonstration capabilities are desired
  • Current laboratories are outdated
  • These programs are tied into Nursing and Allied Health; improvements will help all programs
  • Faculty and staff are currently located throughout the campus, leading to lack of cohesion among students and faculty
  • It is more cost effective to construct new labs in a new building than to try and upgrade an older building to meet current standards

Project Objectives

The primary objectives for this project are:

  • Accommodate growth and provide additional space
  • Accommodate “sticky” and gathering space for students and faculty
  • Plan for the future
  • Technology is a top priority
  • Provide a physical connection to the Warren Hall building
  • By co-locating wet labs from different disciplines in a new building, students are exposed to trans-disciplinary teaching and problem solving—something they will be exposed to in the workplace
  • Provide flexible spaces that can adapt to different uses in the future
  • Create showcase space for students and visitors, such as a student gathering and display area to create interest in science
  • Develop the new building as part of the existing circulation flow of the campus and create a ‘science and engineering cluster’ outlined in the master plan
  • Make student safety a top priority in the building by providing lab spaces that meet current codes and standards
  • Provide much needed additional classroom space

Student Gathering Space Allowance

An allowance has been provided in the new building for student gathering space. This allowance is to accommodate the ‘sticky spaces’; gathering spaces for students to study and gather and display areas. The following suggestions apply to these spaces:
  • Provide display space with rotating displays
  • Show “what we do” and quality of student work Sticky space serves as the point of interface between the campus community and the sciences, providing visible access into the various working ‘neighborhoods' of the building
  • The space should be open, not enclosed
  • No doors; open to internal circulation
  • Natural light will be provided if possible
  • Provide convenience electrical and data outlets along perimeter walls and wireless access
  • Provide wireless internet access
  • Provide tables and chairs, soft seating for student congregation and collaboration   


A lobby will be provided at the primary entrance to the building. The lobby will serve as an area where students can go to relax, study, and socialize before, after, and between classes. The lobby will have a variety of seating areas and types, such as lounge chairs and tables and chairs.

Vending Alcove

A Vending Alcove will accommodate a selection of beverage and food vending machines offering a variety of food choices with healthy options.

Copy Machine Alcove

Copy machines (for a fee) will be available for student use.

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