Percentage Refund Schedule

Below are the time periods for receiving specific percentage refunds. The number of days refers to the number of days (Monday through Friday, excluding days campus is closed) that have passed since the start of the term, not the number of actual class meetings. For classes that have an irregular start date after the census date: Refund days will be counted from the first day of the semester. Example: If a class starts the first week of the term, but does not actually meet until Thursday, the days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are still counted. So, Thursday would be the fourth class day for refund for that class..


Number of weeks  in a class*Applicable DaysRefund Percentage
2-week classesThrough 1st day100
  Through 2nd day70
3-week classesThrough 1st day100
  Through 3rd day70
  Through 4th day25
4-week classesThrough 1st day100
  Through 4th day70
  Through 5th day25
5-week classesThrough 2nd day100
  Through 5th day70
  Through 6th day25
6-week classesThrough 2nd day100
  Through 5th day70
  Through 7th day25
7-week classesThrough 2nd day100
  Through 7th day70
  Through 9th day25
8-week classesThrough 2nd day100
  Through 8th day70
  Through 10th day25
9-week classesThrough 3rd day100
  Through 9th day70
  Through 11th day25
10-week classesThrough 3rd day100
  Through 9th day70
  Through 12th day25
11-week classesThrough 3rd day100
  Through 10th day70
  Through 14th day25
12-week classesThrough 3rd day100
  Through 12th day70
  Through 15th day25
13-week classesThrough 4th day100
  Through 13th day70
  Through 16th day25
14-week classesThrough 4th day100
  Through 13th day70
  Through 17th day25
15-week classesThrough 4th day100
  Through 14th day70
  Through 19th day25

16-week classes

Through 5th day100
 or longer Through 15th day70
  Through 20th day25

No refunds will be given after 25% period.

Tuition and fees paid directly to Amarillo College by a sponsor, donor or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student.  Tuition and fees paid by a credit card will be refunded back to the original credit card.