Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Policy

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Texas residents, nonresidents or foreign students
  2. Enroll at a college or university whose governing board has chosen to offer this program
  3. Enroll in a class that is not already filled with students who are paying full price for the courses (if the class is too small to accommodate both regular students and senior citizens, the regular students must be given priority)
  4. Enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support (i.e. a course that does not depend solely on student tuition and fees to cover its costs)

New Requirements as of Fall 2014:

Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a Grade Point Average requirement for persons to receive continuation awards through the program. The Bill also establishes a Limit to the Total number of Hours, cumulative, that a student may take and continue to receive awards through this program. These changes go into effect in Fall, 2014.

Policy and Instructions:

  1. The Senior Citizen has until the end of day before class begins to submit a waiver
  2. Fill out the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
  3. Turn in the waiver to the AskAC Counter. The waiver will be entered based on eligibility
  4. Registrar's office will register the student
  5. Proof of age and photo identification is required
  6. The student must pay all course/lab fees

Academic Courses: Senior Citizens who are 65 years or older and are NOT seeking degree credit may enroll in semester credit hour courses on a space available basis after regular registration is complete. The Senior Citizen must complete the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and may only enroll in academic courses that are eligible for audit. The form must be completed prior to enrollment with written permission required from the instructor and the department chair. The tuition waiver is limited to six semester hours.

Continuing Education Courses: A Senior Citizen must complete the Continuing Education Registration Form. Ineligible courses include all Leisure Studies courses and most occupational continuing education courses that are less than seven clock hours in length.