Faculty and Staff Resources

We've created a list of resources to help you in assisting your students transition from the classroom to the job of their dreams. Please use and share the following resources. 

MyPlan (Career Assessment)
It's important to pursue a job/career that "fits". To discover the best jobs/careers for you it is therefore important for you first to identify your skills, interests, personality and work-related values…

College Central Network (Job Postings)
College Central Network is a job posting system that has multiple on-campus, part-time, full-time, and internship job positions…

Career Counseling
Not sure of the career direction you want to take? Need some help getting started?  Schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor to review career plans, develop a winning resume...

A great resume is a critical component of finding the job of your dreams…

Cover Letters
A cover letter (sometimes called a letter of inquiry or letter of application) is a business-style letter that accompanies every resume you send to prospective employers...

While a great resume will land you an interview, the interview is often what will land your that dream job. Check out our interviewing advice to ace that interview!

Dining Etiquette
Regardless of whether it is a business lunch or dinner, manners can speak volumes...

Job Search Strategies
So, you’re ready to make your move, ready for action. Whether you’re looking for an internship or a full-time job after college, the process of looking for the position (and employer!) that’s right for you is pretty much the same...

Networking begins with simply talking to people — everyone from your professors to your neighbors to your friend's sister to your customer at the place where you work. Everyone you talk to may potentially suggest another person who might help you, and your circle of contacts grows — get the idea?

Elevator Pitch - 30 Second Commerical
You only have 30-60 seconds to make a powerful first impression. The attention span of the average person is just 30 seconds before their mind starts wandering...

Academic Programs at AC
As your community college, Amarillo College works hard to bring you high-quality academic and technical programs, plus hundreds of continuing education and personal enrichment opportunities.

Transfer Information
Amarillo College has a number of partnerships and pathways that can help our students transition to a university. It is important to plan carefully for a transfer because depending on the program of study and on the school accepting transfer, your options or requirements can change. Knowledge is your best tool to make sure you are staying on a solid academic path.

Helpful Career Websites
Career & Employment Services would like to share with you some websites that have some great information.