General Education Trainings

The General Education Competency Committees fall under the umbrella of the Instructional Assessment Committee. The General Education Competency Committees are charged with using rubrics to assess the General Education competencies. At least one committee co-chair of each competency committee also serves on the Instructional Assessment Committee.

Primary Training Materials for General Education Competency Committees

General Education Communication Skills PowerPoint
General Education Critical Thinking Skills PowerPoint
General Education Empirical and Quantitative Skills PowerPoint
General Education Teamwork PowerPoin

Training Provided to General Education Competency Committees

Trainings are offered to ensure inter-rater reliability. Trainings offered on annual basis.

2011-2012 (Most Recent) Trainings Provided to General Education Competency Committees:


Additional Information and Training Materials

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Assessment Committee Members
Assessment Meeting Notes
Assessing Student Learning PowerPoint
General Education Assessment Methodology (Updated 2011-2012)
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