Planning and Advancement Information and Training


Grant Trainings

Institutional Effectiveness Trainings

  • Current Trainings - Division/department trainingslarge group meetings/trainings, and individual trainings are provided by the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) department. To schedule a training, contact IE.
  • Historical Training Information: Visit the Institutional Effectiveness History page for past training information (training information stored on individual, historical pages). If needed training information is not listed, contact the IE department for more information.

Institutional Research Trainings

  • Data Specialists Trainings - Amarillo College data specialists were trained on how to best view/interpret data files in the Instructional Data Specialist (IDS) rollout.
  • Individual Trainings - As needed, trainings are completed related to data, survey, etc. topics. For more information, contact the IR department.

Other Divisional Trainings

  • Chats and Stats Trainings -The Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness Departments offer periodic trainings (online or in-person) related to accessing and viewing data from internal and external data sites.
  • SACSCOC Trainings - Focus on issues such as institutional integrity and accreditation requirements.