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The Amarillo College Allied Health Division began in 1968 as the School of Biomedical Arts and Sciences. At that time 5 programs of study were offered with about 100 declared majors and 5 faculty. In 1980, the college reorganized its structure from "schools" to "divisions." In the summer of 2011, the allied health and nursing divisions were merged to form the Health Sciences Division (HSD).

Today, the HSD offers 21 programs of study with about 2500 declared majors and almost 60 full-time faculty. Most of these programs are located on the West Campus in the Allied Health Building. The two nursing programs and two dental programs are located in Jones Hall on the West Campus which also houses a modern Dental Clinic (806- 354-6050). The Mortuary Science program is located in Building 'C' on the West Campus.

The current Dean of the HSD is Mark Rowh.

Each of the HSD faculty members are veterans in their professional disciplines and possess appropriate academic degrees along with national and/or state credentials to support the subjects they teach.

Jones Hall
Stephen Jones Hall

On the left side of this "Home Page" you will see the names of the health programs. By clicking on the program icon of your choice, you will be taken to detailed program information including a brief summary of the career, courses required, application information, and other important information you will need to get started with your education plan.

If you are interested in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program, you may click HERE to view that program. If you are interested in the Licensed Vocation Nursing (LVN) program, you may click HERE to view that program.

In addition to taking coursework in modern, high-tech lecture rooms, every health science program also provides on-campus dedicated laboratory space containing modern equipment where students can begin to develop their technical and clinical skills before actually having direct patient contact. Once students are competent in the basic skills they are scheduled into medical, dental, and mortuary facilities in and around Amarillo where discipline-specific skills continue to be developed and refined. After the student has completed his or her program of study, the graduate will take a national and/or state board examination that, upon successful completion, provides the needed credentials to legally practice the respective profession.

Some of the health programs reward the graduate with a "Certificate of Completion" in the respective discipline. These programs are three semesters or less in length. Most of the health programs reward the graduate with the Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) and are at least four semesters in length and require a core of fifteen semester-hours of "general academic" courses in addition to the health-related courses of the discipline.

If you decide to pursue one of the health science careers at AC, you will need to make a special application to the respective program in addition to the general application to Amarillo College. Also, enrollment in each program is limited due to limited training space in the regional affiliate facilities, so an early application is strongly recommended. Each program has a very specific set of criteria used to select each group of new students. Once you have chosen a specific program, it is important to become very familiar with the selection criteria as soon as possible so that you can plan ahead. Likewise, it is also very important to make an early personal contact with the program director to ensure that you understand the application and selection process and to establish a file in your name.

Each health program has a designated faculty person who manages the program and serves as the program's primary faculty advisor. Your first contact should be with the director of the program you select. If the program director is not immediately available, please contact the division's Executive Secretary, Keri Shelburne at 806-354-6055.


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