Preference dates/Award process

Preference Dates

To ensure a Grant will be awarded prior to the payment deadline, the FAFSA and all required documents must be received in the Financial Aid Office by the following preference dates:

Grant Preference dates are as follows:

  • Fall Semester - March 1 
    if completed after March 1, the priority date is August 1
  • Spring Semester - October 1
  • Summer Semester - May 1


To ensure a Direct Loan will be awarded prior to the beginning of the semester, the financial aid file (FAFSA) must be processed by the grant coordinator in the Financial Aid Office, and a loan request submitted by the following preference dates:

Direct Loan Preference dates are as follows:

  • Fall Semester - July 15
  • Spring Semester - November 15
  • Summer Semester - May 1 (students must be registered for all summer classes prior to the loan request being processed)


These dates are not deadlines, and they are in no way cut-off dates for types and amounts of aid, but having a complete file by one of the above dates helps you to be awarded by the beginning of that term. Students may be awarded and receive financial aid during the school semester. 

Award Process

Awards will be made in date order in which files are complete in the Financial Aid Office. FSEOG will be awarded only to Pell recipients in lowest EFC order. Awards will be made according to the policy until all FSEOG funds are used.

The financial aid award will be packaged from a variety of sources and will be based on the financial need and program eligibility of the student and, of course, the availability of funds.

Students are advised to apply for all types of aid.

Notification of the total amount of aid awarded, as well as the amount of aid awarded through each program, will be emailed to eligible students through their college assigned email account. You may view your awards by logging in to AC Connect.