Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid students are notified through their AC connect email accounts of missing documents.

The instructions provided on these forms must be followed carefully; inaccurate or incomplete information will cause delays in the processing of the application. Applications for financial aid will not be considered complete until all required forms are on file in the Financial Aid Office.

If you have questions concerning completion of these forms, please contact a Financial Aid Office representative. Phone: 806-371-5000, Fax: 806-371-5371, Email:

For semester: Fall 2021--Summer 2022 (August 2021--June 2022)

2021-22 Verification Form V-4

2021-22 Verification Form V-5

Additional Forms:

Student Loan Application

Tax Return Adjustment

Release of Information Form

Suspension Review Request for Pace/GPA

Suspension Review Request for Mathematically Unable to Complete or Maximum Time Frame

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